The wisdom of a two-decade experience has taught us, Batch ‘96, ways to surpass the next two decades in our life.  We are now indeed in the midway of our career life here at Ateneo. Some have chosen to journey the path going to the left, others are still thinking to take the right way, and the rest undoubtedly looking forward to retire in Ateneo.

Our life in Ateneo was not always a bed of roses, but, sometimes, a bed of nails. And, that shapes a perfect chemistry on how we live our life here as teachers and workers. While the batch had experienced sincere appreciation of our administrators and mentors, we had also gloomy days for we failed to live up to their expectations. 

Modesty aside, it is noteworthy that two members of our batch had been rated Excellent in their work performance. That is an extraordinary achievement; for we know that it was not given as a free lunch as appraised by the likes of the supervisors who loved to see the details but did not forget to affirm even the least of what we did before the end of the day. It is in the principle that runs where, in a snow-white piece of paper, a single dot does not mar the whole page. Thank you, our seniors, who saw us as the glass that is half-filled and not half-empty.


Ateneo senior educators benchmark in Singapore

WHILE SINGAPORE celebrates its golden anniversary as a first-world nation, 30 school administrators of Ateneo de Iloilo-SMCS visited the island state for an educational trip last August 4-8, 2015.

11 from the 30 are from the high school department headed by principal Rosario Dordas and associate principal Herman Lagon. Also aboard were senior math teacher Michel Guevara and subject area coordinators John Paul Chua, Primo Escobañez, Arianne Agnes Lao, Lally Jane Calagunay, Matthew Lasap, Francis Dave Moreno, Menchie Libo-on, and Ma. Llane Cordero.  

Aside from the high school delegation, 11 others, headed by principal Cecilia Japitana and associate principal Raquel Gargaritano, came from the grade school. With them were area heads Leonora Lobaton, Victoria Aviles, Buenafe Jimenez, Ronnie Defensor, Era Joy de los Reyes, Ervie Quiros, Rachel Gabanite, Jenny Olano, and Jacqueline Peñas. 8 others were from the central administration led by school president Fr. Joseph Haw. They were school chaplain Fr. Ruben Orbeta, CIE director Aurora de la Cruz, personnel officer Mary Grace Moquite, treasurer Mark Anthony Yap, registrar Edron Bullo Jr., and engineers Henry Omolida and Raul Española.


That One Pupil

One day in a seat that wasn’t supposed to be mine made me realize three things: one, eating food that is supposed to be someone else’s doesn’t taste as good as I thought; two, it’s difficult to do somebody else’s job, especially that you know that you’re not “there” yet; three, well… my favorite realization of all: the best things in life are free.

Panulaton 2015: a venue where great minds gather together to exhibit their talents and skills in writing. Attended by a whopping 500 participants, Panulaton is considered to be one of the biggest events in the lives of wannabe, could-be, supposed-to-be and soon-to-be writers. 

I was there. I wasn’t supposed to be there. But, I was there.

It’s been ages since I involved myself in a competition. I missed the adrenaline, the nausea, the pressure, and most of all, the glory. However, I was seated in that seat that wasn’t supposed to be mine in a totally different point of view. That day, I was a teacher. 

That moment when Ma’am Maryan asked me to critique one pupil’s paper, I was dumbfounded. Yes, I know how to write, and yes, I’m really good at it, modesty aside. But, teaching writing – creative writing, to be exact – is a whole different story. That one pupil looked at me with anticipation, waiting for me to share my bits of wisdom, and there I was, in that moment I’ve always dreamed of, clueless.


Ateneo de Iloilo debate team bags inter-high school tourney trophy

“Eloquentia et sapientia.”

This seems to be the Ignatian ideal that that the debaters of Ateneo de Iloilo-SMCS High School took by heart when they clinched the championship trophy in the recently-concluded 4th Sangguniang Panglungsod Inter-High School Competition.

The blue-and-white team—composed of Vincent Carlo Legara, Gianina Ng, and Mikaelo Lorenzo Bombeo—won against the formidable squad of University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV) High School in the final round held August 24, 2015 at the SP Conference Hall inside Iloilo City Hall. The motion was “This House believes that marijuana is good for the Philippines,” with UPV as government and Ateneo holding the opposition stand.


Atenean mentors skim through ‘Laudato Si’

FACULTY and administrators of Ateneo de Iloilo-SMCS got a taste of the latest encyclical of Pope Francis on the “Care for our Common Home” in a talk held Thursday afternoon, August 20, at the school’s Audiovisual Room.

Facilitated in by Agnes Gatpatan of the school’s Campus Ministry and Social Involvement (CMSI) office, the 40 Atenean teacher-formators flicked through the “Laudato Si” document that generally speaks of the pontiff’s call on the “preservation of the environment and the dignity of the poor.”

The discourse was carved up in three segments. The first one was the playing of the three episode-talk of Luis Cardinal Antonio Luis Tagle on the pope’s official letter to the Catholic faithfuls covering all the six chapters that the Vatican manuscript contains. The 187-page encyclical was then condensed by Gatpatan in the context of the participants as formators of the school, followed by a short open forum.

Latin “Laudato Si,” literally “Praise be to you,” is taken from the invocation of St. Francis of Assisi in his “Canticle of the Creatures.” It reminds everyone that the earth, our “common home,” is “like a sister with whom we share our life and a beautiful mother who opens his arms to embrace us.”

It was said to be a fitting “Laudato Si” dialogue since the school is currently fortifying its zero-waste management and Blue Spoon Feeding outreach drives. This is also in response to the continued call of the Order of the Jesuits to all its mission schools and institutions—Ateneo de Iloilo and Santa Maria Parish in Iloilo included—to focus on concrete and more inclusive efforts to preserve Mother Earth.


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