We are the Jesuit, Catholic, Chinese-Filipino Basic Education Institution in Western Visayas.  We are a community committed to forming leaders who pursue excellence that is ignited by  love and service.


As a Catholic School, we form a community that is faithful to the teachings of Christ, men and women who seek union with the Creator through love and service of neighbor.

As a Jesuit School, we nurture each person’s God-given potentials so that he acts with generosity and desires to always do more (magis) for the greater glory of God.

As a Chinese-Filipino School, we form a community that has a genuine love for the Filipino nation and its cultural heritage. Rooted and inspired by the history of our mission for the Chinese-Filipinos in Iloilo, we likewise seek to develop a community that understands and appreciates the Chinese-Filipino heritage thereby becoming an instrument of sincere dialogue with other cultures.


  • Academic Formation: to form well-rounded students who are open to growth and who constantly strive to learn
  • Psycho-Emotional Formation: to form students with a realistic self-knowledge and well-grounded values that will enable them to relate well with others and to cope with life’s challenges.
  • Spiritual Formation: to form students who have a personal relationship with Christ, who are committed to do what is right and good, guided by a habit of reflection
  • Social Formation:  to form students who are sensitive to and responsive in promoting justice, peace and integrity of creation
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