Core Values

The 7C's

At the end of their basic formation, Ateneans are expected to embody the School’s core values:  competence, conscience, character, compassion, community, culture, and Christ-centeredness—the seven (7) C’s.   


  • demonstrates academic excellence
  • is well-rounded
  • is open to growth and learning


  • discerns prayerfully one’s actions and decisions
  • commits to do what is good and right


  • appreciates and develops one’s God-given gifts   
  • accepts one’s shortcomings and strives to improve oneself for the better
  • takes responsibility for one’s actions
  • appreciates the value of order, harmony and efficiency in life


  • fueled by love and service of others
  • shows genuine love for the poor and marginalized


  • leads others for the good
  • collaborates with others
  • strives to contribute to nation-building
  • deals with God’s creation with care and respect


  •  embraces one's Filipino and Ilonggo identity, values, customs and tradition  
  •  appreciates the Chinese-Filipino heritage and has the facility of the language
  •  engages oneself  in dialogue with other cultures


  • exerts efforts to be the other Christ in words and deeds  
  • exhibits a genuine love of the person of Christ by committing oneself to His mission
  • does everything for the greater glory of God
  • recognizes Christ in every individual
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