ADI - SMCS is a ministry of the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus. Its primary and operative self-understanding is that it is an apostolic instrument at the service of the mission of the Society of Jesus and of the Catholic Church. 

It has a Board of Trustees which holds the Jesuit and Catholic identity of the school in trust for the Society of Jesus by setting direction, establishing policies, and ensuring programs that build and manifest the school’s Jesuit and Catholic mission and identity. 

The Board of Trustees, represented by the School President, sees to it that there is a willingness on the part of both lay people and Jesuits to assume appropriate responsibilities: to work together in leadership and service. 

Leadership in ADI-SMCS is shared among several people with distinct roles who are empowered by the Board of Trustees to realize and implement the school’s vision and mission. Efforts are made to achieve a true union of minds and hearts and to work together as a single apostolic body in the formation of students. 

There is therefore, a sharing of vision, purpose, and apostolic effort.

The President's Executive Council

The Executive Council is the administration team of ADI-SMCS.  It is responsible for helping the School President in the leadership of the school, the implementation of policies and over-all supervision of day-to-day operations.  The Executive Council basically consists of the TLAs, namely: the Principals, Associate Principals, Treasurer, Registrar, and the Human Resource Officer.   Whenever necessary, the President may invite other members of the school community to attend the council meeting.  The council meets regularly to monitor the over-all progress of the school based on the school’s vision, mission and goals. 

The Executive Council ensures that the school, composed of different departments and units, moves as one basic education community.  All academic and administrative policies are governed by this council and implemented/appropriated by the different units/department.

The Academic Council

The Academic Council meets as a consultative body for academic related matters of the school. It provides an opportunity for bringing up things of common interest and of updating members on the projects and activities of the different units. It is a forum for consultation, discussion or clarification, and also for monitoring decisions and recommendations. It recommends general policies and programs to the President for the development and improvement of the school personnel and students, and for the attainment of the school’s academic objectives.   

The council is composed of the Subject Area Coordinators, Associate Principals and Principals from Grade School and High School Department respectively. 



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